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Online Backup

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Trust the backup of one of your most vital resources - data - to a highly secure and reliable remote data vault. Reliance Data Solutions’ Remote Data Backup is a business-class online backup service which provides a unique service offering:

  • Fully automated process with backups held on disk for rapid file restoration.
  • Secure online transfer of fully encrypted data to an offsite data center, ensuring regular backups are stored safely and remotely.
  • Sound basis for business continuity planning - whatever happens, your data is safe.
  • Cost-effective solution with an all-inclusive monthly service charge.
  • Live customer support.

    Technology Overview Service Features
    • Agentless
    • Compression
    • Encryption
    • Delta Blocking Incremental Backup
    • In-file Deduplication
    • Open File Backup
    • Simple User Interface
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft SQL
    • File Servers
    • Laptop & Standalone Desktop
    • Local Storage Backup & Restore Option
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Mirrored Data Centers
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