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Why Data Protection?

From enterprise-sized corporations, to simple home-based businesses, all companies have information that is important to their success and that needs to be protected. Data storage and protection is a necessary part of doing business today.  That is why Reliance Data Solutions offers you leading information management and technology services available for protecting your data.  We offer:

Online Backup

Remote Data Backup is a “next-generation” online data backup and recovery service that is now available to all segments of the business community. Our online backup service eliminates the need for any equipment purchases or license fees. You simply pay for the space used to store your data.

Remote Data Backup has proven to be the most reliable and simple way to protect your data. You determine the schedule and the software will automatically perform the backup. Your company data is stored safely offsite using some of the highest encryption options in the industry and is easily retrievable in the event of a loss or total disaster.  more...

Managed Services 

With our service, some or all of your servers, workstations, Raid arrays, and remote offices, as well as your ISP connection, bandwidth usage, and website can be monitored.  You can be proactively alerted when any of your business critical systems need attention. This greatly reduces the chances of unexpected and costly system interruptions and downtime. In short, these services keep your company's information available and assures your data's integrity.  more...

Consulting Services

Our 4-Step process of planning, organizing, implementing, and following-up on your data protection and data recovery strategy will provide your organization with confidence and peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business initiatives.   more...

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